Klaas & Betty

Hi, we are Klaas and Betty and since 2000 we live, together with our children on this farm.

We continued the dairy farm and the campsite of the parents of Klaas. The campsite was started in 1984. Originally on a small scale of 1 to 5 units, later on 10 units were allowed. In earlier times the camp- site was nameless, although everyone always spoke of ‘camping at Boer Bakker’.

We have made some changes over the years. We have always done this carefully and with great enthusiasm.

The camping field became once as big in 2004 ( 15 units ) and a luxurious toilet block and bad weather accommodation were built.

The campsite even became a name: ‘De Oosthoek’; this name is taken from the fact that the Koaidyk is located in the extreme east corner of it Heidenskip.

In 2012 the stable for the cows was completely renewed. In 2015 the campsite expanded from 15 to 25 units and a harbour was realized. This has turned the terrain into a modern campsite and good facilities. The unique location and the friendly atmosphere make it what you call a special place for our guests.


Take a look at the farm?

We have a dairy farm with about 140 milk- and young cattle. In 2012 a new stable was built which offers plenty of space, light, fresh air and comfort to the cattle and the farmer. Cows are milked twice a day, 24 at a time. An interesting process. The calves ( 0- 8 months old ) are housed in a calf barn next to the stable. It is nice to see how the calves get to drink! Guests are welcome to take a look.